What is CreativeClash?

CreativeClash started as an 18+ creative gift event with an aspect of friendly competition, where two teams 'attack' each other by creating work of each other's original characters. Since our first event we've expanded from simply being an event to being a whole creative community and aim to make this a yearly event.

What content to we allow?

We allow all fictional content within the event. We have certain rules about specific types of content on our Discord server as per Discord's TOS, however for the event itself there are no restrictions to what fictional content you can post. We just ask that people include content warnings and tag their work as thoroughly as they can. People should also respect the content lists users post of what they do and don't consent to their OCs being involved in..

Who is Cree?

Cree is our mascot! They're made of paint and love being creative and chaotic. They can change their shape into anything and everything they want, reflecting the boundless creativity we hope to encourage in our event and community. Their palette was even picked by the first members of our server!


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